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      • Job requirements:
      • Market researcher
      • 20
      • unlimited
      • 1 years or above working experience in marketing research is preferred.
      • Junior college degree or above
      • 20-40 years old
      • Medical professionals preferred
      • 2015-12-19
      • 2015-01-19
      • Market research, it is to point to in order to improve the product sales decision quality and solve the problem of existence is to sell products or organizational according to the specific decision problem using scientific methods to collection, statistics and report research results. Specifically, the market research on the importance of marketing management in five areas.
        1, to provide information as a basis for decision making;
        2, to make up for the lack of information;
        3, to understand the external information;
        4, to understand the changes in market environment;
        5, to understand the new market environment;

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