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    3. 色婷婷亚洲六月婷婷中文字幕,色五月播五月开心五月激,欧美缴情啪综合缴情,亚洲,国产,综合在线一区 男同

      In 2016 the first half of the year award for the initial evaluation will be

      Release date:2016-07-22 10:22:00 Articles editor:
      In order to better promote the company's talent strategy, the development of learning organization, to create a positive corporate culture atmosphere. In July 21st at the conference room of the Hebei a pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd in 2016 the first half of the year "award for" the initial evaluation will be. This initial evaluation meeting chaired by Li Yuan manager of human resource department, by our department director and representatives of the review team. The selection awards are: best employee award, best executive award and outstanding team award three awards. The initial evaluation will be by the host registration and personnel participating in the deeds of "individual" awards for all of the statements, the judges are heard and discussed. Then by the judges one by one vote on the participating officers conducted a preliminary review.



      色婷婷亚洲六月婷婷中文字幕,色五月播五月开心五月激,欧美缴情啪综合缴情,亚洲,国产,综合在线一区 男同