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    3. Talent concept is the guiding ideology and value concept of the enterprise to pay attention to talents, to cherish the talents, to develop talents, to use talents, to retain talent, to enhance the talent. Man proposes, succeed in person. Talent rich country will be rich!
      Talents should possess such qualities:
      First, healthy personality. This argument may be metaphysical, simple to say is to have the principle, there is a clear standard of good and evil, have a strong sense of responsibility and good professional ethics.
      Second, higher creativity. There must be a sense of innovation, look at the issue with a unique perspective, creative thinking and desire, are skeptical.
      Third, the initiative spirit. Have higher subjective initiative, self perfection and self development consciousness, less dependence.
      Fourth, a wide range of knowledge. Enterprises should pay attention to the talent to have a composite knowledge structure, so that people have to ensure that the migration of thinking.
      In these qualities, good professional ethics is particularly important. And good professional ethics is a professional manager must have the quality of the practitioners, or else how will be assured that the enterprise to you to play
      ? You first have to know what you should do and know how to do it, you must define your responsibilities and goals in any place. And to achieve all of this is the premise of healthy personality and sense of responsibility.
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