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    3. Chairman: Liang Jinghui

      One who fails to consider the overall picture when making plans is not good enough to plan for minor things. One who fails to make plans for the future would not succeed in the present. Therefore, we need to keep up with the times, use capital as the linkage to improve enterprise structure and strengthen enterprise efficiency, and eventually increase Yipin’s competitiveness in the market. From a future perspective of our enterprise development, we must urge capital operation, use experience and mechanics generated from capital market to better relocate resources, and improve our enterprise by managing capital. We must put innovation as our core value, to promote management innovation, technology innovation, enterprise culture innovation, production innovation and any other innovations. Take product quality as a foundation, to strength our brand and promote Yipin’s outstanding corporate identity. Germany used one hundred years to prove “Made in Germany”, one hundred years is too long, we must cherish every day to catch up. In the age of brand economy, the new economy and globalization have tremendous impacts on corporate competitiveness, we should follow the trends of globalization and think in a global perspective. Product quality can talk, it can also tell the world what is “Made in Yipin”. Using production qulity as a boat, our brand is the sail and the capital is the motive power, we will let the world see Yipin, know Yipin and understand Yipin.

      Yipin Pharmaceutical’s predecessor has a long history in the pharmaceutical industry, it was born to challenge the monopoly of imported anesthetics in Chinese market; it strived hard for the mission of manufacturing Chinese own anesthetics. Yipin Pharmaceutical per se is young and full of energy, now its mission is to lead the direction for entire anesthetic industry, to bear the responsibility as the most professional anaesthetic manufacturing enterprise in China. We hope Yipin can always remember its mission and face the challenges with courage, so it can keep being an industry-leading enterprise.
      Manufacturing with the greatest care and precision, we are very confident of our product quality. With our foundation in Hebei, we have expanded our market in entire China, moreover we always seek opportunities in a global context. We aim to increase our profit margin while being a socially responsible company, we hope to establish an extraordinary brand identity in Chinese anesthetic manufacturing industry with our honesty and product quality. Eventually we would achieve our mission to be the most professional anesthetic manufacturing enterprise in China and let the Chinese-made-anesthetics to be well-known all around the world!
      We firmly believe that Yipin is growing exponentially every day and one day it can take the lead to push the overall development for the entire pharmaceutical industry. With our deepest sincerity and open-minded company philosophy, Yipin Pharmaceutical invite you to join us and work together for a brighter future.

      General manager: Zhang Ji

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