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      • A pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd predecessor Hebei Province Pharmaceutical Research Institute Experiment Factory was born. To break the history of China's almost entirely dependent on imports of narcotic drugs
      • The research and production technology of inhalation anesthetics series won the first prize of Hebei excellent new technology.
      • In cooperatin with the West China Hospital of Sichuan "inhalation anesthetics on nationalo
      • The company's products have been rated as "high-tech products in Hebei province"
      • Hebei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was formally established
      • The company was named "high-tech enterprise".
      • The company completed the shareholding reform, officially changed its name to Hebei pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd.
        And in the same year was awarded the "2015 year Hebei Shou contract re credit enterprise" and the title of "Hebei integrity enterprise advanced unit" title.
      • Hebei quality credit AAA grade credit enterprise". And become the focus of the promotion of enterprise credit evaluation center in Hebei.
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