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    3. Hebei Yipin Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. is a modern high-tech pharmaceutical company that incorporates independent research & production, manufacturing and market operations. It was established in 2013 with around 2 billion RMB investment, and now have more than 300 staff members.
      The predecessor of Hebei Yipin Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. is a pharmaceutical factory of Hebei Provincial Institute of Pharmaceutical Studies which is established in 1988, it was the first factory in China to manufacturing inhalational anesthetics for general anaesthesia. At the same year, the company was awarded Hebei provincial Excellent New Technology First Prize for “The research and manufacturing technology of inhalational anaesthetics”. In 2005, the company collaborated with West China School of Medicicne/West China Hospital, Sichuan University for “The Studies of Inhalational Anesthetics” and got the Second-Class Award of Chinese National Science and Technology Progress Award. In 2006, the company’s products were announced as “Hebei Provincial High-Tech Products” by Hebei provincial government.
      The company has five production lines right now including water injections, lyophilisation, suspension of liquid (inhalational anesthetic), combination (APIs) and pilot scale production, all five production lines have been certified by GMP. Yipin currently have more than twenty approved drug production number, the main products are inhalational anesthetics (sevoflurane), Injectable anesthetics (Propofol), APIs (L-α-Ketoisoleucine Calcium products) and specialized medicines such as pantoprazole sodium. We have an excellent research and development team, right now there are over twenty products in development (eighteen being reviewed by CFDA and six in researches), this team provide Yipin a solid foundation for continuous development.
      Since the establishment of Hebei Yipin Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., we follow the enterprise’s tenet “To produce the first class medicines with the first class morals”, adhere to our marketing concept “Collaborate to innovate, Share the profits” and work towards the goal “To be the most professional anesthetic manufacturing enterprise”. We hope that eventually we would be able to lead the entire industry from “Made in China” to “Create in China”.
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